French punk & violence: I was a Cosmonaut Hero - MMXIII (2014)

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I was a Cosmonaut Hero - MMXIII (2014)

It's second LP of 4-pieces band from Besançon. Growing, passion and love. It's going to be one of the top screamo release of 2014. In process of recording took part Maxa Kellera (ex-Gantz) and Aurelin (Daitro). I still didn't listen this record so much to make full description of emotions on this album, but I love it. Check it and support the scene. Later I want write about their 3-way split.
Also big thanks Vitalik for support Ukrainian people.
Soon release will be available on labels: Impure Muzik, Dngleberry, No Way, Suck & Cut, Ours, Saddest Song, A l'ombre de cette vie, Emotionnaly Instable, Desertion et L'artiisant.
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I was a Cosmonaut Hero - MMXIII (2014) M   /   ZS 

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