French punk & violence: Socrates

Friday, January 10, 2014


Socrates was band from Lyon. It was first two-piece band, later in 2007 they invited Mathilde. Not much information about this band. They released three EPs and one 4-way split. Band is so underrated but it is awesome noise rock from France including hardcore and violence with Melt Banana and The Locust influences. "More Vultures, Hyenas and Coyotes" was great finish release, check it. Later some members played in another noise rock band  Hallux Valgus.

(2005) SoCRaTeS - Self-titled - M
(2005) SoCRaTeS + el eje del mal + shooting victor francis + violent breakfast - 4 way split - M
(2006) SoCRaTeS - vultures, hyenas and coyotes - M
(2007) SoCRaTeS - More Vultures, Hyenas and Coyotes - M

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