French punk & violence: 2014

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Ed Warner - L'avènement de la femme​-​insecte (2014)

After They changed name from Ed Warner's Cage to Ed Warner, their sound became more post-hardcore/indie way (but still screamo). First releases were with so close to french scene screamo/hardcore. This album is going in way to previous album Iera Anagrafh (2009). On my first expectations after some listnenings this album have own atmosphere and what's mean much - great lyrics (check it on their bandcamp). They use french and english texts in songs.

Ed Warner - L'avènement de la femme​-​insecte (2014)  M  /  ZS

I was a Cosmonaut Hero - MMXIII (2014)

It's second LP of 4-pieces band from Besançon. Growing, passion and love. It's going to be one of the top screamo release of 2014. In process of recording took part Maxa Kellera (ex-Gantz) and Aurelin (Daitro). I still didn't listen this record so much to make full description of emotions on this album, but I love it. Check it and support the scene. Later I want write about their 3-way split.
Also big thanks Vitalik for support Ukrainian people.
Soon release will be available on labels: Impure Muzik, Dngleberry, No Way, Suck & Cut, Ours, Saddest Song, A l'ombre de cette vie, Emotionnaly Instable, Desertion et L'artiisant.
bandcamp / facebook / website 

I was a Cosmonaut Hero - MMXIII (2014) M   /   ZS 

Monday, March 17, 2014

Torino - Debut 12" (2013)

Previously I wrote about upcoming Torino release and now it's avalaible for free download on their bandcamp. It's 6-titres EP with so terrific close sound to Baton Rouge, with still drive and punk rock.
To order - visit Echo Canyon, PUREPAINSUGAR. Also bandcamp / tumblr

Torino -  Debut 12" (2013) M  /  ZS

Friday, January 10, 2014


Socrates was band from Lyon. It was first two-piece band, later in 2007 they invited Mathilde. Not much information about this band. They released three EPs and one 4-way split. Band is so underrated but it is awesome noise rock from France including hardcore and violence with Melt Banana and The Locust influences. "More Vultures, Hyenas and Coyotes" was great finish release, check it. Later some members played in another noise rock band  Hallux Valgus.

(2005) SoCRaTeS - Self-titled - M
(2005) SoCRaTeS + el eje del mal + shooting victor francis + violent breakfast - 4 way split - M
(2006) SoCRaTeS - vultures, hyenas and coyotes - M
(2007) SoCRaTeS - More Vultures, Hyenas and Coyotes - M

Friday, January 3, 2014

Remote - Starving Blaze And Hollow Shades (2013)

Remote is Paris based hardcore band. First I found this band on the split with Barrewn Womb (april 2013), they had one track, groovy sludge noise with pieces of intense hardcore, I thought it would be great to hear more songs from them. And in november 2013 they release their first album "Starving Blaze And Hollow Shades". I can't call it chaotic hardcore, but it's different type of hardcore with intense, noise, sludge and violence from first to last song, love it. By the way this is my favourite french album in this genre in 2013 with Hungry For The Truth and Death Engine.
You can buy their release on bc and order CD. Follow their:
facebook / bandcamp

Remote - Starving Blaze And Hollow Shades (2013) v0 - ZS  /   M