French punk & violence: Revok

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Revok is noise posthardcore band from the heart of France with unusual sounds and melodies.Their discography includes 6 releases:Biocarbon amalgamate (2005),Program medics and cathode clinics(2006), Bad books and empty pasts(2007), Goats Like Flies(2010), Digging Further (study prelude to Tunnel)(2011), Grief is my new moniker(2011).
What Eric from Revok says about his band:"With Revok we just try to dig deeper the gloomy moods, not specially to be musically more aggressive or speed but just find the good tone. No hope, no lights, but this can appears though a melody... do you know what I mean?"
Yor're given an opportunity to assess the truthfulness of the words of these guys.

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