French punk & violence: Quartier Rouge - Nouvelle Vague (2013)

Monday, September 23, 2013

Quartier Rouge - Nouvelle Vague (2013)

Quartier Rouge - Nouvelle Vague (2013)

Quartier Rouge  is band from Paris, playing noise rock hardcore influenced sound with a couple of violence. Unlike the previous album they are now more influenced by noise rock and experiments with it.
Apocalyptic sounds for the masses, "Nouvelle Vague" is filled with dissonant melodies, complex timings and experimental tendencies, making it a must hear for anyone who gravitates towards something a bit more turbulent.
For fans of artists such as Daughters, Destroy All Operating Systems, Some Girls and The Locust. 
They remind me another french band Socrates.
You can stream and order their album through Little League Records and their own bc and facebook

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