French punk & violence: 2013

Friday, December 27, 2013

Cyclamen - Les Mémoires (2013)

Cyclamen is new screamo band from Le Mans. Here plays member of BUTE. They made good work, the're not only sad screamo tunes, but rotations of nice instrumental parts and punk rock. Album title is excellent suitable to material. Especial I love track "Ne parler de rien". One more good december news that you'll remember next year.
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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Discorde - La Messe Est Dite (2013)

Discorde is 3-piece band from Laval. As many bands gone "back in punk rock" and this band is going "back in depression". Discorde made nice post-hardcore release with cup of sad, fear and searching the way. The best I can describe music on this album - "screamo goes into dark". All these feels identified with much 90s french "emo" bands, I like it a lot.

Discorde - La Messe Est Dite (2013) v0

Saturday, December 21, 2013

SPORT - Bon Voyage (2014)

SPORT - Bon Voyage (2014)

SPORT is indie/emo band from Lyon. The play incredible mix of emo, punk rock and pop punk. Last year they released their firt LP "Colors" that was excellent start for future great releases and shows! Now they release their 2nd LP "Bon Voyage", vynil order starts when they end pressing material. You can order this release from much of labels (see their bc).
This release going in the same way of previous, but here you can hear more instrumentals and sometimes math rock parts. Excellent atmosphere, young, love, cycles. It's the most warm news of this december.
Order and buy release through bandcamp / tumblr and their labels.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Piece Of Map - Wrong Way​/​Nice Trip (2013)

Piece Of Map - Wrong Way​/​Nice Trip (2013)

Piece Of Map is duo math rock band from Laval. Their sound is mix of math/noise rock with instense screamo vocal and sound. This EP has only 4 songs but makes great dancing violence atmosphere. I don't know how it sounds live but material on EP is sick. First track is especial very nice, some moments reminds me Tristan Tzara, so you can see of fb they have very good influences. You can buy release on bc ("name your price")
bandcamp / facebook 

Piece Of Map - Wrong Way​/​Nice Trip (2013)

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

LODGES - Walking on hands and knees (2013)

LODGES - Walking on hands and knees (2013)

LODGES is 4-piece band from Paris. They play metalic hardcore and mix fast sound with slow, dark and doomy parts. Especially I liked drums and vocal with their terrible atmosphere. They made really angry, dark and terrible stuff without awful melodic parts. They reminded me Death Engine and Temps Mort but with more fast and quality sound. LODGES released their first LP on Swarm Of Nails! also pre-order here / here
This link is only for check, stream or buy their stuff through official resources.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

L'Invention de Morel

Want to know how french screamo sound before you found it?
Sincerely and truly. Naturally and spontaneously. The very classic forsaken by modern bands.
This band include member of Finger Print, Jasemine, Ananda.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Revok is noise posthardcore band from the heart of France with unusual sounds and melodies.Their discography includes 6 releases:Biocarbon amalgamate (2005),Program medics and cathode clinics(2006), Bad books and empty pasts(2007), Goats Like Flies(2010), Digging Further (study prelude to Tunnel)(2011), Grief is my new moniker(2011).
What Eric from Revok says about his band:"With Revok we just try to dig deeper the gloomy moods, not specially to be musically more aggressive or speed but just find the good tone. No hope, no lights, but this can appears though a melody... do you know what I mean?"
Yor're given an opportunity to assess the truthfulness of the words of these guys.

Burning Bright - Domesday LP (2013)

Burning Bright - Domesday LP (2013)

Burning Bright is crust emo hardcore band from Caen with a tight sound and great vocals. Melodious sound of each track will not leave you indifferent.
Domesday LP recorded by Swan Sound Studio with additional vocals by Simon (Nine Eleven) on track 6 and Bart (Birds in Row) on track 9. Last year they release split with french band Death Mercedes.
Follow also North Cult Records to buy release.

Burning Bright - Domesday LP-2013

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Memories - S/t (2013)

Memories - S/t (2013)

Memories is 5-pieces band from Paris. The play intense post-hardcore with screaming vocal. Band is influenced by bands like: Defeater, Alexisonfire, Touche Amore, Birds in Row. This band kicked me out with their melodic and riffs, really good work!. Their hardcore reminded me another french band Mörse. Fans of Touche Amore-like stuff don't pass by.
Link for download is only for check. Follow their resources for physical copy and news

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Belladone is duo band from Lyon. They play crusty post-hardcore stuff with metal/black metal influences. In 2012 they released their first album, it's so nice pack of violence and melodic like for duo and also very good metalic sound sometimes. This year they release split with german band Kapytaen. This split is more compared with to post-hardcore/screamo bands. But despite thar here are only two members it's great material for lovers of raw and intense post-hardcore sound.
You can free download and support band through bandcamp, also check facebook for physical release.

Belladone - Ophiuchus (2012)
Belladone - tracks from split with Kapytaen (2013)

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Another Five Minutes - S/t (2013)

Another Five Minutes - S/t (2013)

Another Five Minutes is screamo / hardcore DIY formation from Strasbourg, founded in 2012 where play the participants of groups such as The Boring, Chaos Is ..., Watch Me Sink. Perhaps S/t won't blow you away, but the guys have worked from the heart and their work is worthy of your attention.
facebook /bc /official

Another Five Minutes - S/t (2013) 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Hungry for the Truth - Overflow (2013)

Hungry for the Truth - Overflow (2013)

Hungry for the Truth is 5 piece band from Nancy (or that region). In 2011 they released their first demo, that was full of experiment and tries and had pretty nice sound. This year they released their first LP Overflow, after first listening I was shocked and surprised of rising of this band. This album is absolutely blowing! crushing and beautiful chaotic hardcore with amazing post-hardcore and post-rock parts. Also if you want to know here is the girl on vocal (Emilie). I'm still full of impressions on this album and it's one of the best I've heard this year. I love this release and advice to check this stuff for everyone.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Quartier Rouge - Nouvelle Vague (2013)

Quartier Rouge - Nouvelle Vague (2013)

Quartier Rouge  is band from Paris, playing noise rock hardcore influenced sound with a couple of violence. Unlike the previous album they are now more influenced by noise rock and experiments with it.
Apocalyptic sounds for the masses, "Nouvelle Vague" is filled with dissonant melodies, complex timings and experimental tendencies, making it a must hear for anyone who gravitates towards something a bit more turbulent.
For fans of artists such as Daughters, Destroy All Operating Systems, Some Girls and The Locust. 
They remind me another french band Socrates.
You can stream and order their album through Little League Records and their own bc and facebook

Thursday, September 12, 2013


Amer is Paris hardcore/punk band with power violence influences. They have only recorded demo in 2012 and released it in 2013 on tapes. On their bandcamp you can listen Face A/B of this demo (also with lyrics). It's nice to hear so fast and intense punk rock from this band leading by so cute girl on vocal (Amanda). Sound of this demo makes wishes to hear more songs. Some members also involved in other projects: Geste, Tatanak.
Follow their tumblr page for news about gigs and others.
Previously released demo, separeted on tracks: 8 titres demo (2012)

Amer - Demo Face A/B (2013) / M

Saturday, September 7, 2013


Torino is punk rock band from Lyon, with ex-members (Gwen, Félix, Rog) of Baton Rouge, Who Needs Maps?, HK. These guys continue new traditions with great sound like BR and 12XU. Now they have some gigs left and two songs on bandcamp. In september 2013 they release their first LP through Echo Canyon and Pure Pain Sugar.

Torino - Trabzonspor/Fenerbahce
Torino - Des 0 et des 1

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Aguirre is five-piece sludge/hardcore band from Bordeaux. I know that this group don't play punk rock but their social freedom visions on world in anarchist movement and great lyrics mean that I need to tell about this group. In 2006 they did their first release (3 songs) and made awesome material as for start (Diss... - fucking blowing great sludgy song). From every next release they really grow up. I think "Calvaire" and "Fatalitas"(especial BESSE) are their best works. That fact the group make this huge pack of terrible riffs and growing hardcore sound, including fight and freedom lyrics with purposes to change this fucking world, make them my favorite sludgy band in France. Thanks to group for every song and I hope their fight and great music will be longer on french scene.
They don't keep website or page in any social network, only blog. And you can stream some of their releases on bandcamp.

Aguirre - Demo (2006)  

Black Code

Black Code is crust-metal band from Besancon, formed in 2011. They released demo in 2011 and LP in 2012. Despite that group is so young they play in good way, agressive crust-metal with hardcore and melodic sound, not short songs in 1-2 minutes. They good change melodic and temp from song to song and could make weighty album without filler.
You can buy their LP on website. / bandcamp

Black Code - Hanged Drawn and Quartered (2012) 128kbps 

Monday, January 14, 2013

Every Second Week

Every Second Week was a hardcore band from Caen. Good hardcore, sometimes melodic hardcore sound in good traditions of USA scene with intimate lyrics. Screaming vocal and guitar riffs make good drive and give much positive shit and energy. There'are no many info left from the band (myspace), they broke up and I don't know do any of them play in any band?

Every Second Week - James S. Hook (2006) 
Every Second Week - S-t (2008)

Antifun Krieg

Antifun Krieg is five-piece female fronted crust/hardcore band from Bayonne. New blood on french scene with good beginning, 10 short punk rock songs influenced power violence with blowing vocal and dragon solos. They released they EP through Power Sludge Records (I don't know much about this label).
facebook / bandcamp

Antifun Krieg - S-t (2011)


Machete is hardcore band from Montaigu. They play hardcore influenced metal/noise sound. Their released their LP through Desctucture (very nice label from Caen!), they say about release and band: "very personal brand of heavy and noisy metallic hardcore" and "It is full of downtuned and depressing massive guitar riffs, the voice is clean but still rasping and the sound is fat and let no room for weakness." and I'm fully agree with it.
There're not much info about band, but You can buy release on Desctructure and stream on bandacmp.

Machete - S/t (2012) 

Death Engine

Death Engine is three-piece band from Lorient. They play hardcore/noise with specific dark, "obscure", raw sound. I think there's something suicidal in this sound and I like it. I'd like to hear more overdrive, but this guitar and downtempo beat hipnotize all! It's close to punk rock but this atmosphere reminds me Love Sex Machine and Dead Like Me.
website / facebook / bandcamp

Death Engine - S/t (2012) 

Friday, January 11, 2013

We Are In The Country

We Are In The Country is three-piece band from Laval. They have just released two EPs in 2012. This band play screamo/punk hardcore. I like their pack of sound and riffs, also this vocal is great, it makes all drive! I think this band sounds so good live! But quality of records aren't so good, I hope guys will work on it. Nevertheless their songs give much emotions and raw drive, take pleasure!
Follow them on facebook, stream and download their songs through bandcamp

We Are In The Country - A Groan From Our Graves (2012)
We Are In The Country - S-t (2012)
We Are In The Country - Vinogradska (2013) stream on bancdamp

Monday, January 7, 2013

Neanderthal Productions

Neanderthal Productions is young hardcore label from Marseille. Matt run this label and play on drums in two bands Our Roots and Inquisition. These bands play intense hardcore with grindcore and fastcore influences. I like the work that Matt do and hope that some bands will be interested in this label. To check, stream and download releases from label and bands go to website and bandcamp. Also You can buy there merch and cds, so if You want support young Marseille's label go there.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Grand Terminal

Grand Terminal - Demo (2012)

Grand Terminal is 3-piece emo punk band. All members of the band are ex-Tobaias so guitar sound very close to Tobaias. Band is following 90s punk sound with "screamo"-guitars. They are simmilar for me to 12XU. I like new tendentions when bands change screamo/hardcore sound into different but so simmilar punk rock way, like 12XU, Baton Rouge, Child Meadow, Cavalacads, and Grand Terminal is one of them.
Follow them, go to gigs and buy cds! You can stream and listen some songs on their blogspot 

Grand Terminal - Demo (2012)

Thursday, January 3, 2013


Neïde was band from Rouen, they released only EP 5-titres. On their demo they follow post-hardcore melodic sound with loud and clean vocal and on EP (2007) we can hear very strange mix between stoner/hard rock and post-hardcore/punk. It reminds me how Jin Baker meet Sugartown Cabaret. 

Neïde - demo
Neïde - We are the unknowers (2007) 


ASIDEFROMADAY - Chasing Shadows (2012)

"ASIDEFROMADAY is a French progressive postcore band formed in 2000. After two releases in 2001 and 2003, Asidefromaday's sound has progressed from early material being heavily metal and hardcore influenced to one much less aggressive and more concerned with orchestration.
The band releases "Divine Proportion" in 2005 (Exutoire Records/Impure Muzik Records) and "Manufactured Landscape" in 2008 on Division Records (CD/LP). In 2009, "ML" was "awarded" with a second press in a beautiful CD collector limited edition.
The band has toured a lot, more than 250 shows all over Europe (France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway...) with such as bands as Gojira, Cult Of Luna, Envy, Russian Circles, Anodyne, Baroness, Keelhaul, Knut, EF..." - Bio from band.
Asidefromaday is formerly known as Aside From A Day. This band from release to release changed their sound, so after 3 years they make this weighty release. I think it's good when bands changing sound (only if not to follow mainstream ways), so I can say that these guys made great work and fans of dark, downtempo post-hardcore/metal (like I Pilot Daemon, Taste The Void) sound will like it. Really it's sad that we'll not hear old sound, but it was going to. And now I'm sure that you'll be interested in this release from first to last song.

To buy this and other releases go to their bandcampwebsite and label - Division records