French punk & violence: October 2012

Friday, October 26, 2012

Seila Chiara

5-piece band from Lyon. According to their web-site: J-B. Alamy playing bass, Rafik El Alami playing guitar and other stuff, Rémi Komornicki singing and playing some guitar, Stan Marques playing guitar and singing once in a while, and Nicolas Sok playing drums.
Awesome screamo/post-rock/indie, with great jazz influences and experiments (in "Stories Like Ants in New York" i've find raggae riff, for example). Got 3 releases and were published on "Tokyo Jupiter compilation".
As foк me - it's one of the best bands i've heard during 3 last years. There are not so many reasons for me not to run around with banner like "get post-rock away from screamo", and Seila Chiara is on of this reasons.
Musthear for jazzophiliacs.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Bien À Toi - Diriger, Séduire, Convaincre (2012)

Bien À Toi is post-rock/screamo band from Paris, formed in 2011. This october they released their first EP. Instrumental part on EP is great, and voice I didn't like so much. But as for me it's good start for band.

website / facebook /bandcamp
Bien À Toi - Diriger, Séduire, Convaincre (2012) 
Bien À Toi - La Faiblesse (2013)

Nord - S/T (2012) says that there is 7 bands called Nord, so here is 1 of them. Sometimes sensitive, sometimes dark, screamo/post-hc.
About the band - four guys from Chambéry, exists from 2010 to 2011. During this time they've self-released only one 6-tracks S/T longplay.
As for me - musthear for fans of Aussitot Mort and Daitro, also for DIY-lovers.
You can download LP from their bandcamp, it's free.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


BUTE is two-piece powerviolence/crust band from Le Mans. For the fan of Capitalist Casualties, Spazz, Stack, Ekkaia...
They just released demo, raw crust/grind material. Someone may like it. They've got 3 releases, all of them you can free download through their bc.

facebook / bandcamp

Cathedraal - Split w/ Rings of Rhea & Schematics for Gravity (2012)

Matthieu - Vocals;
Sébastien - Guitar;
Pierre - Guitar & Piano & Organ;
Eric - Bass;
Oderic - Drums. 

Cathedraal is screamo group from Paris with some members of ex-Madame De Montespan. In spring this year they released first album "Voix Blanches" and now they release split with ukrainian post-metal band Rings of Rhea and sweden Schematics for Gravity.
Cathedraal have 3 songs on this split, and every is masterpiece, vocal and sound is really better then on album. Album have own dark atmosphere and interesting, but in other way. Tracks from split reminds much good parts from MDM, Celeste and other french bands, but I don't want to say that they released pattern stuff. I hope to hear more stuff like on this split from this band.

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Cathedraal - Split with Rings of Rhea & Schematics for Gravity (2012) 
Cathedraal - Voix Blanches (2012) 

Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Solexine Chapter - Amertumes (2012)

The Solexine Chapter was formed around 2009. I followed this group long time after they posted first songs on myspace page and now they present this blowing kicker album with dark and somber of french 90s scene but with sound much more original! By the way they reminds me another french bands I Was a Cosmonaut Hero and I Am a Curse . For me it's the most unexpected and strong release in french post-hardcore scene this year. I like that it's not another post-hardcore/screamo release, this release is full of dark, expressive, every song keep you to the end.
Also they're searching now for label to release 3-way split with Cheval and I Was a Cosmonaut Hero. 

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The Solexine Chapter - Amertumes (2012)

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Inertia Pills - Behind The Skyline (2011)

Inertia Pills formed in 2007. These guys playing screamo/post-hardcore music with prog rock influences, sometimes with metal. I really like this band 'cause they are not tipical post-hardcore band, in their songs a lot of interesting ideas that sound great, with the addition of sound that atypical to genre with its own vision of post-hardcore. On this album every song have own feelings, not similar in sound to others and I like it! This release I want call "atmosphere post-hardcore trip".
Also influences of this band "Aussitôt Mort, Tool, Mastodon, Isis, Neurosis, Oceansize, Sugartown Cabaret, Revok, (platane), Converge and more" mean that they mix their sound in much ways.

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Inertia Pills - Behind The Skyline (2011)

Monday, October 1, 2012

Isaïe Buried Memorial

Isaïe Buried Memorial was screamo/emo-violence band from France, but some members was from Germany. They made their last shows in 2008, by the name Memorial. They released only demo and now no any news about this band.
I remebered this band 'cause they are so close by atmosphere to I Am John Spartan but with own sound and bremen hc influences. As for me this band released one of the best emo-violence(not at all) release in France in 00s, sad that this band existed for no long time.

Isaïe Buried Memorial - Demo (2007)