French punk & violence: Ed Warner's Cage

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ed Warner's Cage

Ed Warner's Cage - in reference to the character's famous goalkeeper present in the manga Captain Tsubasa - is a French band composed of 5 members, found in 2001. In 2003 band record split with Rookie Rock Radio and after 3 years they make again split with them. Also band have splits with Lost Sphere Project and Le Massacre Du Client De 15 Heures. In 2008 they present their first LP "Iera Anagrafh". And after pause in some years they will release new LP "Le retour de la femme insecte" in end of 2012.
Their music is more close to screamo bands like Aghast, Gameness, but they have also influence of post-hardcore bands (Tang, Venosa ...) and a bit influence of post-rock sounding (l’Homme Puma). In their sound many expresions and changes of mood. I like very much moments in their songs like "A Travers l'Oeil de Portia" when first 30 sec they speak, then loud screaming wall of sound, then post-rock dancing and screaming ending. Structure of songs in this album reminds me "Venosa - Dancing Together under a Rain of Ashes (2009)"

You can stream their songs on bandcamp. Also follow them through website and facebook.

Ed Warner's Cage & Rookie Rock Radio - Split (2004) 
Ed Warner's Cage & Rookie Rock Radio - Split Story 1 (2007)
Ed Warner's Cage & Le Massacre Du Client De 15 Heures ‎– Split Story 2 (2007)
Ed Warner's Cage - Iera Anagrafh (2009) 

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