French punk & violence: June 2012

Friday, June 15, 2012


It's band from Dijon, contains some members of Never Again. This band play punk rock\hardcore with thrashcore influences and melodic parts, really interesing mix. I hope to hear releases of this band in future.

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Splint! - The deadly rhythm (2012) 

Never Again

It's band from Dijon. They released album this year called "No!". They play fast punk rock 90s influence with classic rock. If you're fans of 90s punk scene - check it.

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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Mörse - Self-titled (2012)

Mörse - Self-titled (2012)

The finally made their 3 songs EP. I wrote about this band below in blog so I just want to say some words about release. I like their influences and like what they do. They sound like Trap Them but material of this band is more interest for me than similars, also their sound reminds me Birds in Row. This band could be great opening in this year for everybody. 
I hope that it's not last release and they will not split up like my favorites I am John Spartan or Chaos Is...
Also I want say that this sound is so quality, good studio work!

To order this release send e-mail to their label:

Thanks Denis for sent EP.

Mörse - Self-titled (2012)