French punk & violence: May 2012

Sunday, May 20, 2012


Mörse is young group from Lille, formed in 2011. I followed this group from time, when they recorded 1st song Détérioration du lang,they impressed me with this punk hardcore sound and screaming vocal and little bit of neocrust, one of the best band in France now with this way of sound. I don't know what band influenced them, but they have individual sound and I want to listen it again and again. At now they have recorded 3 songs and i hope to hear new material by them, 'cause it really nice sounds! especially check Sous Terre <3.
You can listen them on bancamp  and follow on tumblr and facebook.

Mörse - demo (2011) 
Mörse - ST (2012) 


At first seconds of listening I thought that it's boring post-rock, but then I've heard pack of post-hardcore, great post-rock melodic. It's hard to say similars, more then others they remind me Kokomo and Totorro,  but Ld.Kharst has their own dancing and sad atmosphere.
That's first release of this group, so I hope they'll give us more new sounds and experiments.
You can stream and download their first EP through their website

Ld.Khasrt - S/t (2011)
LD.Kharst - Truancy (2014)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sugartown Cabaret - Split (2012)

Sugartown Cabaret - Split (2012)

It's new EP of another great french screamo band Sugartown Cabaret, from Caen.
On  The Lodger they changed their sound more to post-hardcore including punk hardcore, and  Two days only  is in veins of their old screamo/post-hc sound, like on song from split w/ L'Homme Puma - Red.
And yes, Two days only is awesome track!
You cand order this EP through Destructure and listen on their bandcamp

Sugartown Cabaret - This is a split (2012) 

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Geraniüm - LP (2012)

Geraniüm - LP (2012)

Geraniüm released this album in febrary, it contains 4 new tracks and tracks from tour cd-r 2010. As for me it  is awesome work, I like these guys for everything they're doing (this band and all side pojects). Album has their neocrust and fast punk sound with good traditions. Among all active crust punk bands in France I like more than all these guys and Exhaustion.
I put this release also to the main post of Geraniüm in my blog.

Check their blog and bandcamp for listen and order album.

Geraniüm - LP (2012)