French punk & violence: March 2012

Sunday, March 18, 2012


Doomsisters is band from Vosges, playing fast crust\metal sound with sludgy parts. Interesting mix with drive and intense. Now they're making songs for split 10'' with Whoresnation. Check their website for news. Also stream and download from their bandcamp.

Doomsisters - EP (2011)
Doomsisters - demo 


Brainwash is band from Besançon, formed in 2006, playing punk rock with elements of neocrust and very good melodic.
Band members:
Nicolas (Batterie, Chant) 
Guillame (Guitare) 
Simon (Basse)
Pierre (Guitare) 

This group have such influence: Tragedy, From Ashes Rise, Taint, Adrift, Aside From A Day, Fall of Efrafa, Dawnfall of Gaia. I like their guitar sound, especially on song "III". Chek their sound and if You like it - support them through their website and facebook page.

Brainwash - Brainwash (2011)

Friday, March 9, 2012


This band is from Reims.
Band members:
voice and sample : buch'
drum : mike
bass : orelwane
I don't have other info about this band. They released EP (demo) and Split with The Better Thoughts To Come. This band have raw hardcore/screamo sound with elements of noise/chaotic hardcore/emo violence; for fans of french screamo/hardcore bands like Submerge, Dead For a Minute.

Tielnich - Self Titled (2002)
Tielnich - split with The Better Thoughts to Come (2004)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I was a Cosmonaut Hero

Band was formed in 2009, Besançon. This band has much good music influences, like Brume Retina, Kazan, Revok. I found this band through facebook, it's good opening for me. This is their debut EP. I like that France still have bands with "this" sound! Fans of "Daitro's guitars" and french raw screamo vocal need to check it. For fans of Kazan, Filigram, edomah. Band's news and other info You can find on their website and facebook page.

I was a Cosmonaut Hero - EP (2012)

Friday, March 2, 2012


It's a chaotic hardcore action. They have many live videos on youtube but I don't have any info about them. So intense and raw sound, for fans of Superstatic Revolution and Shoemaker Levy 9