French punk & violence: February 2012

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Aussitôt Mort - NAGYKANIZSA (2012)


This winter 2012 Aussitôt Mort made tour in Russia, it's sad I'm not from there (for this winter). And Aussitôt Mort made release for this date, this album have 2 tracks from split w/ Heaven In Her Arms, 2 tracks from their EP "La ride du lion" and one new track La Bourse Ou La Vie.
They made very interesting release, I like how they experiment with all their works, no one release is similar to past. I want to say that instrumental part is best on this album, so I like it so much. Also this sound on album reminds me another french band Ancre.

Aussitôt mort - NAGYKANIZSA (2012) - M

Bökanövsky - Demo (2012)

Bökanövsky - Demo (2012)

Info from their website to the Demo(2012):
We recorded those 5 songs in our practice space. This is just to spread new music since our last record (we stumble) is allready 3/4 years old now. Those 5 new songs will be re.recorded after the tour + some other new songs, in order to release a "full lengh" or something similar. We can allready tell you that it will be released on Stonehenge Records (France) and hopefully on Flower of carnage (Japan). Everything will be confirmed after the tour. See you at the shows!!!!
Stream their releases through bandcamp.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012



I've long awaited for this release. It's band from Laval, including members of Birds In Row and As We Draw. Amazing mix of slow downtempo parts and metalic neocrust\hardcore. But I wish this EP was longer.

Saturday, February 18, 2012



It's band from Caen. One of the best active neocrust band in France. Very nice sound, fans of Daymare and G-77 need to check it.
You can order their stuff through their website and Destructure Records

Monday, February 6, 2012

Nous Danserons Sur Vos Ruines


Great opening of 2011 year, sound is so good as for demo; quality recorded. It's now one of the best punk\screamo act in France, short sonds but every of theme is amazing. Now they released demo in 2012, I hope for their LP in future.

Nous Danserons Sur Vos Ruines - Demo (2011)
Nous Danserons Sur Vos Ruines - Demo (2012)

Friday, February 3, 2012



Another great french screamo/post-hardcore band, have a nice LP and split with french chaotic hardcore band - Nesseria. I don't know any special similars but it's vocal and good sound has their specific atmosphere. Some members now play in Sutter Cane
From their myspace:"Mixing melodic rock and hardcore, Venosa is looking for retranscribe an emotionnal violence tinted by hate, love, passion, pain, by everything that pushes the human being to extirpate all the good and the unhealthy inside himself for making a sonority, an art."
As for me, 2007's release is their best work. 

Venosa - A last trip to infinity (2007) 
Venosa - split with Nesseria (2008)
Venosa - Dancing Together under a Rain of Ashes (2009)