French punk & violence: February 2011

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Child Meadow

website / bandcamp
Duo-band, with members of Bokanovsky.
These guys really have nice sound. It's rarely to see duo-band with so intense sound.
If you like it, check torëto(duo-band) and tobaïas
In 2013 they recorded split with Paper Plane Crash, check their bandcamp to hear CM's side.

Child Meadow - demo (2009)
Child Meadow - Rad (2010) 
Child Meadow - Crisy BBQ tofu burger (2011) 
Child meadow - split with Remek (2012) 


Members of Bokanovsky, Child Meadow, The Third Memory... Sound is really great, these guys couldn't make something bad.

Cavalcads - 5 songs (2010) 

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Gay Corporation


The Gay Corporation - Dreams In Alcohol, Devil In My Bed (2002) -  M
The Gay Corporation - Spit Your Anger On My Face You Are My Favourite Slave (2007)  -  M
The Gay Corporation - La Mujer  De La Muerte -  M

Down For Life

One of the best chaotic hardcore release in France, members later played in Shoemaker Levy 9

Down for life - EP (2003) 

The Flying Worker!


website /  bandcamp
Band consists members of Daitro and The Flying Worker! One of the most lovely band at all. This band doesn't need any description, just listen to it.

12XU - 8 Song Demo Tape (with tracklist) (2008) - ZS / M
12XU - split w/ Old Growth (2009) - ZS / M
12XU - Single Serie / Part 1 (2009) - ZS / M
12XU - Single Serie / Part 2 (2009) - ZS / M
12XU - Single Serie / Part 3 (2010) - ZS / M
12XU - Single Serie / Part 4 (2010) - ZS / M
12XU - 2 tracks from V.A. No Redemption For The Kids (2011) - ZS / M
12XU - Les Grandes Marees (2011) - ZS / M
12XU with Abject Object - Split (2011) - ZS / M

Dead For a Minute


Now some members are playing in I am John Spartan, Chaos Is...

Kahla'ad - Discography 

Kiss The Bottle

Gerome Desmaison and Christophe Mora play in this band (and Yann Le Fur)

Kiss The Bottle - self-titled demo CDr (2007) 
Kiss The Bottle - self-titled EP 9'' (2008)

Saturday, February 19, 2011


website / bandcamp
Awesome guys from Strasbourg, playing neocrust/punk. Most guys of the band played in different bands from 90s and still on the scene. Buy releases and follow them!

geraniüm - Tour CDr (2010) 

geraniüm - split with Human Compost (2010) 

geraniüm - LP (2012)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Rotten Tofu Adventures

Band consists guitarist of What's Wrong. Members of this band later had played in Le Temps Des Mobylettes, Geraniüm.
It's so underrated band. Taste their first demo - so sweet punk/screamo, I love this one.

Rotten Tofu Adventures - demo 1
Rotten Tofu Adventures - demo (2005) 

What's Wrong

Legend of french, dark and atmosphere emo\punk 90's.

What`s Wrong - Discography

Tuesday, February 1, 2011



Band was formed in 2001 and released just one demo. Their sound is close to Le Temps Des Mobylettes, Dead For a Minute.

karenine - demo (2006)