French punk & violence: January 2011

Monday, January 31, 2011

Le Temps Des Mobylettes

Band was formed on past members of Rotten Tofu Adventurers. So original and different band, playing fast punk, at times changing to pop or grind, fast playing shitty with screaming vocal, awesome, guitar now plays in geranium.

Le Temps Des Mobylettes - démo (2007)


Band was born in 2000 in Montceau-les-Mines. Some members of the band now play in Aguirre, Who Needs Maps?
HK - Human Kaos (2002)
HK - Split with Pledge Alliance (2003)
HK - h + k = hk (2004)


Band contains ex-members of Short Supply, Dead For a Minute

Hyacinth - home ludens (2005) - ZS  /  M
Hyacinth - au vent qui sиme... (2006) - ZS  /  M

The Very Best of Chuck Norris


Screaming raw sound, tracks 1 and 3 are best in their "discography". At nowdays past members play in I am John Spartan (vocal).

The Very Best of Chuck Norris - 4 songs

Chaos Is...


Band from Alasce, France, conatains members of Noir, Iblylom. Absolutly a punk band, don't use term "screamo" to understand this band.
"When You wake up!..."

Chaos Is... - S/t (2007)
Chaos Is... - What About Tomorrow Lets Dance For Freedom (2009)
Chaos Is... - tracks from split with Fuck, Wolves! (2010) 
Chaos Is... - 5 tracks, EP (2011) 



French punk band with fast noisy screaming sound, their first s/t 2007 is so awesome. They are great in punk/hardcore, yea, this music is far from emo; here are more violence and riot. Also name is simillar to usa pop-punk band, so I think that's why these guys are so underrated.

Farewell - Demo 1 (2006) 



Formed in 1992 , VANILLA highly contributed to the rise of the so-called "french hardcore scene" , along with the now defunct FINGER PRINT and IVICH (among others).
Definitely influenced by the then innovative american scene , VANILLA stood out with an emotional yet-tortured hardcore style , very energetic and personal.
About 2004's, 2005's releases I'm not sure.

Vanilla - Demo Tape (1994)
Vanilla - I Can't Stop Hating This Empty Space (1995)
Vanilla - S/t (1996)
Vanilla - split w/ El Vidal Sonido (1997)
Vanilla - Social Evening and French Divorce (1998)
Vanilla - Plays Fantastique (2001)
Vanilla - split w/ There Is a Light That Never Goes Out (2002)
Vanilla - Stories About Fallen Angels (unreleased) (2004)
Vanilla - Technicolor Life (2005)

Unanoraked In Vladivostok

One of my favourite post-rock band from France, their song Shaun Michael is one the best.

Unanoraked In Vladivostok - Demo (2008) + l'envolé 

Bâton Rouge

bandcamp / blogspot
Members of Daitro, without Aurelin.
Gwen : bass / vocals
Benoit : drums
Julien : guitar / vocals
Samuel : guitar
See also another band with members of this band - 12XU

Bâton Rouge - Fragments D'eux Mêmes (2011) - ZS / M
Bâton Rouge - 7" (2011) (webrip) - ZS / M

What Mad Universe