French punk & violence: November 2010

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Shall Not Kill was band from Metz, formed in 2000. In different years they played from punk/screamo sound to metal/sludge. Especial I love their 2003's 7".

Strong As Ten & Shall Not Kill - Split (2003)
Shall Not Kill - 7" (2003)
Shall Not Kill - 2001-2004 (2005)
Shall Not Kill - 10" (2005)
Shall Not Kill - Self-titled (2006)
Shall Not Kill &  Fantastikol Hole &  Tekken &  Moon - Split (2007)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Theme Of Laura

Theme Of Laura is a french Screamo/Emo/Punk formed in february 2007 and based in Strasbourg, France. Members: Gregory:Bass; Julien:Drums; Christian:Guitar; Stéphane:Guitar/Scream. As for me, it's one of the best still active french punk rock/emo band. But now they have only one good sounded demo.

Theme of Laura - demo#1 (2008) 
Theme of Laura - demo (2010) 


You can stream and download their stuff through bandcamp.

Tobaïas - demo (2009) 


This French band began in 1994 with ex-members of Escape. Just after Escape broke up members went looking for musicians in their town to form a new band. They found a guitarist, John, who told them that he had a friend from school that was a great drummer who happened to be only thirteen at the time.

Anomie was: Kathleen on vocals, Gilles on bass, Rémi on drum, John on guitar. Later members would go on to form such bands as: An-Attâ, Leka Tchipa, Anna O, Anitza, and Cromwell O.

Anomie - Discography (1994-1997)

Anna O

It was french hardcore/emo band with members of Anomie.

Anna O - 7'' (1997)


It was french screamo\emo-violence band, with Gerome Desmaison on vocal.

Alcatraz - Ni Dieu Ni Maitre, A Bas La Calotte Et Vive La Sociale! (2000)



One of the most intense french punk rock bands. They have really angry raw emo-violence sound, I wish to hear more bands with this sound from France. Sometimes simmilar to 29/09.

Acrimonie - Demo
Acrimonie - Split w/ Cloudburst (2001) - ZS / M
Acrimonie - tracks from split with La Quiete (2003)



Paris, France.
Julien - bass
Romain - guitar
Sebastien - throat
Thierry - drums
Valentin - guitar

Amanda Woodward

Amanda Woodward was a screamo band from Caen, France formed in year 2000. Later members was involved in much other projects. As I know Gerome now doesn't take part in any band. Last his activity that I know was in 2010, his voice was on Karysun's song.