French punk & violence: 2010

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Shall Not Kill was band from Metz, formed in 2000. In different years they played from punk/screamo sound to metal/sludge. Especial I love their 2003's 7".

Strong As Ten & Shall Not Kill - Split (2003)
Shall Not Kill - 7" (2003)
Shall Not Kill - 2001-2004 (2005)
Shall Not Kill - 10" (2005)
Shall Not Kill - Self-titled (2006)
Shall Not Kill &  Fantastikol Hole &  Tekken &  Moon - Split (2007)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Theme Of Laura

Theme Of Laura is a french Screamo/Emo/Punk formed in february 2007 and based in Strasbourg, France. Members: Gregory:Bass; Julien:Drums; Christian:Guitar; Stéphane:Guitar/Scream. As for me, it's one of the best still active french punk rock/emo band. But now they have only one good sounded demo.

Theme of Laura - demo#1 (2008) 
Theme of Laura - demo (2010) 


You can stream and download their stuff through bandcamp.

Tobaïas - demo (2009) 


This French band began in 1994 with ex-members of Escape. Just after Escape broke up members went looking for musicians in their town to form a new band. They found a guitarist, John, who told them that he had a friend from school that was a great drummer who happened to be only thirteen at the time.

Anomie was: Kathleen on vocals, Gilles on bass, Rémi on drum, John on guitar. Later members would go on to form such bands as: An-Attâ, Leka Tchipa, Anna O, Anitza, and Cromwell O.

Anomie - Discography (1994-1997)

Anna O

It was french hardcore/emo band with members of Anomie.

Anna O - 7'' (1997)


It was french screamo\emo-violence band, with Gerome Desmaison on vocal.

Alcatraz - Ni Dieu Ni Maitre, A Bas La Calotte Et Vive La Sociale! (2000)



One of the most intense french punk rock bands. They have really angry raw emo-violence sound, I wish to hear more bands with this sound from France. Sometimes simmilar to 29/09.

Acrimonie - Demo
Acrimonie - Split w/ Cloudburst (2001) - ZS / M
Acrimonie - tracks from split with La Quiete (2003)



Paris, France.
Julien - bass
Romain - guitar
Sebastien - throat
Thierry - drums
Valentin - guitar

Amanda Woodward

Amanda Woodward was a screamo band from Caen, France formed in year 2000. Later members was involved in much other projects. As I know Gerome now doesn't take part in any band. Last his activity that I know was in 2010, his voice was on Karysun's song.

Sunday, October 31, 2010



29/09 is a trio from France (Nantes, Pays de la Loire) . They formed in 2006 and play a sort of experimental Death Metal / Grindcore. Actually their music is somewhat like some sort of crossover between Grindcore and heavy Post rock. The current line up is as follow: François-Xavier aka FX - Drums, Vocals, Greg - Guitar and Didier - Bass. They have released one album in 2009 entitled “La violence Therapeutique” (Therapeutic violence”) and are currently signed on the American Label Poison Tree Records. They are famous for they crazy and unbridled performances on stage.

29/09 - La Violence Therapequtique (2007)

Who Needs Maps?

French screamo band, founded in 2009.
Born on the ashes of bands such as HK, Aguirre or The Tan Case, the all-star group WHO NEEDS MAPS? from Burgundy plays a catchy knees-killer screamo’n roll. Vocal is ex-vocal of HK

Who Needs Maps? - Demo (2010)
Who Needs Maps? - S/t (2010) 
Who Needs Maps? - Split w/ Hiro (2011) 

I Am John Spartan


It is awesome crust/screamo group from France, formed in 2008.

Ex : Noir -- Iblylom -- The Very Best of Chuck Norris -- Kahla'ad
Members of : Norman Bates -- Chaos is... -- Post War Depression
There are members of three very impresive bands that I like: The Very Best of Chuck Norris, Iblylom, Chaos is....
After first listening of "Demo" - I loved them. Expressive melodic, fast drums and perfect vocal make their sound excellent. All fans of french punk / screamo scene must check this band.
Now Thibault (vocal) and Thomass (bass) play guitars in Oak (post-rock).